A Message from Chief Joe Kroboth, CVVFA President about the Pennsylvania Fireman Magazine

A Message from Chief Joe Kroboth, CVVFA President about the Pennsylvania Fireman Magazine

Fellow members, for several years our association and our individual members benefited from a relationship with the PA Fireman Magazine. The magazine has covered our events, published our articles, and informed readers about our activities.

With the steady long-term growth of our Emergency Responder Safety Institute, we saw the need to provide printed material designed to educate drivers about the dangers that distracted driving poses to responders working on the roadways helping others. Our friends at the PA Fireman established a partnership with us to help produce and deliver that material all across the nation.

Working together we reached a financial agreement that allowed us to purchase discount subscriptions for our members and to produce and ship the educational items to public safety agencies and other organizations.

We at the CVVFA also stepped up our article submissions so all the readers could receive the latest news about reducing struck-by incidents on the roadways. We viewed these print articles as means to deliver this important safety message to readers who prefer to read a print publication rather than online.

Late last year the PA Fireman changed its focus to become more of a Lancaster County PA publication and moved away from statewide and national coverage. Additionally, printing was outsourced so we no longer had access to purchasing printing and distribution of our educational material.

We received our invoice for subscriptions for members this year and noted the cost per subscription had increased to $7, $2 higher than our annual dues.

In another change, the PA Fireman  eliminated  the events and training calendars that our members read frequently. Sadly, we also learned that there would be no longer coverage of meetings and other events by a reporter.

Your officers brought these changes before the membership at our May meeting. After discussion and a unanimous vote, it was decided not to pay for subscriptions for our membership any longer.

The association does feel that we should continue to contribute articles to the magazine. We hold no animosity and understand that organizations change their business plan from time to time. Unfortunately, the changes at the PA Fireman do not align with the plans we have for the marketing of the CVVFA and our products.

If you wish to subscribe to the PA Fireman at your own cost, contact the magazine directly.

In closing, we wish the PA Fireman well and thank them for the partnership we enjoyed with them over the years.