Breaking News- CVVFA Awarded $563,350 FEMA Firefighter Safety Grant

FEMA announced today that the CVVFA was awarded a $563,350 Firefighter Safety Grant to continue the work of the Emergency Responder Safety Institute. The grant will expand the educational mission directed to roadway responders as well as funding our cutting edge driver education campaign focused on distracted driving. The support of the fire grant program has allowed our Association to make measurable improvements in the safety of responders that respond to roadway incidents.

CVVFA President Chief Allen Baldwin credited the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program for recognizing the dangers faced by responders working on the roadway helping others. “For over 20 years the CVVFA has focused on reducing struck-by incidents. We are a small organization, but we are rich in intellectual capital. Our committed volunteers do the heavy lifting to make the go-to portal  in the nation for all things involving roadway incident scene safety” “We couldn’t do this without FEMA’s financial support” he added.