CVVFA Update Spring 2020

The National Emergency has forced the cancellation of the CVVFA events for spring of 2020. At this time, our next scheduled meeting is the 119th Annual Convention in Williamsport MD July 29 to August 1. We will be joined for the first time by the Chickenheaders, a fire related social organization from Montgomery County PA. CVVFA members will be able to join the Chickenheaders should they so desire. A number of CVVFA members already belong to this fun loving organization.

Convention information will be posted as soon as the national emergency is lifted. We anticipate that the convention will be held as scheduled this summer.

Meanwhile CVVFA President Chief Allen Baldwin reminds all members of the importance of following the guidelines for social distancing, hand sanitation and wellness recommendations now being circulated the government and many other organizations.

Please be extra careful if you are an emergency responder and observe all edicts and guidelines forwarded to you by your agency.

We are here for you and your department. If you are in need of assistance,  please reach out.  We are actively working to insure the mission and commitment of the CVVFA continues.

President Baldwin also reminds those members who are staying at home or at the fire station for extended periods of time, that this is an excellent opportunity to take many of the self paced on line learning modules on the Responder Safety Learning Network