David Lewis Elected CVVFA President

David Lewis of the Odenton MD Volunteer Fire Company was elected and installed as President of the the CVVFA for the coming year. Also elected were Chief John Gonzalez of Toms River NJ, 1st VP and Chief Terry Jester of Lincoln DE, 2nd VP.

David is a Past President at Odenton and served as President of the MD State Firemen’s Association. He is recognized lecturer on many fire service topics and teaches on behalf of the National Fire Academy and the MD Fire and Rescue Institute around the nation. David is a Maryland Director of the National Volunteer Fire Council. President Lewis’s expertise not only includes fire ground operation, he also is a subject matter expert on strategic planning, fire service reputation management and behavioral health issues among other topics. President Lewis pledged to communicate with the membership and advance the programs of the association in his acceptance speech August 4th. The next meeting of the Association is scheduled for Odenton in October.

Update: President Lewis forwarded a message to all CVVFA members through our Newsletter the CVVFA Express. Check you inbox.