Time for Scholarship and Association Award Submission

Four Things You Need to Know: Scholarships and Awards

Deadlines for the 2024 scholarships and awards are quickly approaching. Apply today.

  1. Scholarships (J.R. Haines Memorial CVVFA scholarship, Kenneth Butts CVVFA EMS scholarship, Harry Alt CVVFA scholarship) – Deadline May 1

Several scholarship opportunities available students attend (or will be attending) a two- or a four- year college pursuing either a career in fire service or emergency services. Each scholarship is awarded up to $1,000. Deadline to apply is May 1. Apply here. 

  1. Chief Gary “Harry Jack” Easton Youth Leadership Award – Deadline May 1

Throughout his fire service career Chief Gary “Happy Jack” Easton of the Berkeley Springs Volunteer Fire Company recognized the importance of recruiting, training and guiding young people to become firefighters.  This Award is to honor the memory of Chief Easton by bestowing special recognition on a younger member of the Cumberland Valley Volunteer Firemen’s Association who displays the leadership attributes that “Happy Jack” identified. Any member of the Cumberland Valley Volunteer Firemen’s Association 21 years of age or younger who is identified by the selection committee as having current and future leadership potential in the fire service. Letters stating the qualifications of the nominee and their specific leadership qualities should be submitted to Recording Secretary Jim Watson at kingshimr@aol.com  .

  1. Wade Thomas Memorial Member of the Year Award -Deadline May 1
    E. Wade Thomas, Chief of the Keyser WV Fire Department and West Virginia State Fire Marshal served as President of the CVVFA in 1950. President Thomas passed away during his term of office. This award recognizes a member who has provided distinguished service to the organization over a long period of time. Letters nominating a member, in good standing, should be submitted to award Chairman George Dove PP at gjdfire@aol.com. Letter should detail attributes and accomplishments that directly contributed to the success of the CVVFA.
  1. Past President Joseph Bukowski Responder Safety Award -Deadline May 1
    Past President Joe Bukowski a Life Member, dedicated much of his service the Cumberland Valley Volunteer Firemen’s Association as the Chief Financial Officer of the CVVFA Emergency Responder Safety Institute. This award is to honor individuals or organizations that exemplify Joe’s commitment to responder safety including an exemplary commitment to the safety of highway incident responders to include, fire, EMS, law enforcement, DOT or towing and recovery personnel. To nominate, complete the form listed on the website here.