We Are Changing Our Name But Not Our Mission

During the Cumberland Valley VFA Fall Meeting in Odenton MD, members unanimously adopted a Resolution stating that the organization will be known as Cumberland Valley Volunteer Firefighters Association (CVVFA) going forward.

This change is largely ceremonial to reflect the dedication and operations of that CVVFA displayed for the last 122 years. According to our Constitution and By-Laws the legal change to our name must take place at the Annual Convention. Because we are forward thinking, we decided to begin calling ourselves a “Firefighters” Association now reflecting the makeup of our membership.

What once began as a collaboration between four neighboring states, CVVFA is now a nationwide organization, comprised on men and women who not only are members of fire and EMS departments but also law enforcement agencies, tow operators and more. We started with a mission to standardize hose couplings in 1901 and have further expanded our focus on responder safety at roadway incidents, community risk reduction and reputational risk management.

Over the next months, CVVFA will continue to enhance our brand under the new name as we head to our 123rd CVVFA Convention in Halfway, MD in August where the official name change will take place.

CVVFA Name Change Resolution adopted 10-15-2023