Committees 2022-2023

CVVFA Standing and Special Committees

Standing Committees

Archives/Historical: Continue to preserve the history of the CVVFA and keep historical memorabilia and documents in a safe and orderly fashion.

Audit: Conduct the annual audit at the end of the fiscal year in preparation for the auditor. Look at the by-laws reference the audit being done before convention.

Booth and Show Support Coordination: Stores, organizes and stocks supplies for all show booths and arranges transportation as necessary.

Budget & Finance: Establish a detailed budget for the next year; Predict any budgetary issues in next 3 – 5 years

Community Risk Reduction and Public Education: (formerly Fire Prevention) Update or create a database of vendors where fire prevention material can be gotten free by our membership. Provide display at convention. Present unique fire prevention ideas to association. Develop fire prevention public service announcements for CVVFA and member companies.

Constitution & By-Laws: Look into printing in the form of a pocket type book. Review any proposed by-law amendment for legality, accuracy and report findings to association

Convention: Review the parade award list, some awards have not been presented at recent convention; obtain sponsorship for parade awards; purchase all awards and provide list of monetary winners (names and addresses) to treasurer.

Emergency Responder Institute: Continue to present various courses as personnel and finances allow; continue to develop new training and informational materials and offer them free on the website.

Fire Person of Year: Administers the E. Wade Thomas Member of the Year Award

Grants: Searches, complete applications and administers grants and contracts.

Joe Bukowski Award: Administers the award for excellence in protecting emergency responders on the roadways.

Media Communication: Manages print and electronic communications for the CVVFA

Nominating: Solicits and administers the selection of candidates pursuant to the By-laws

Long Range Planning/Business Plan: Administers the development and recommends implementation of long range plans.

Public Relations/Publicity: Develop a public safety announcements to be distributed to radio stations in reference to protecting our publish  articles in all member states and any other fire newspapers and online about activities of CVVFA.

Recruitment/Retention: Increase membership in the Association and search for future leaders

Reputation Management: Administers CVVFA Reputation Management programs.

Resolutions: Obtain resolution requests and have resolutions prepared for annual convention.

Scholarship:  Update the application process and present to association for approval.

Training Weekends: Assist with training classes at association meetings when required; Provide specialized training in all member states that request a training weekend.

Topics: Develops speakers and current items of interest to be delivered at meetings and convention to educate and inform the membership
Youth Leadership: Develops plans to encourage youth leadership in the CVVFA Administers Gary “Happy Jack” Youth Leadership award.

Special Committees

Family & Member Activities: Advises the Association on how to engage family and friends in CVVFA activities

Fallen Fire and Emergency Provider Benefit: Responsible for standing up, funding and the administration of benefits

Merchandise: Obtains and sells logo items that are approved by the officers/membership


Ray Mowen-Chair
Steve Austin
Robert Kefauver
Donna Welsh

Community Risk Reduction and Public Education
(Formally Fire Prevention & Education)
Doug DeHaven
Greg Yost
Bob Cumberland

Media Communication
Steve Austin- Chair
Candice McDonald
David Lewis

Reputation Management
Candice McDonald-Chair
David Lewis-Co-Chair
Greg Yost
David Bullard

Steve Austin-Chair
Allen Baldwin-Co-Chair
Bob Cumberland
Charles Myers
David Lewis

Mike Cox
Gene Worthington
Jerry Daniels
Greg Yost

Fire Person of Year
George Dove- Chair
Charles Myers
Bill Mortimer
Donna Welsh

Bob Cumberland-Chair
Co-Chair Charles Myers
Allen Baldwin
Steve Austin
Randy James
David Lewis
Bob Timko

Youth Leadership
Jim Watson-Chair
Hobby Howell-Co-Chair
Bill Mortimer

Fallen Fire and Emergency Provider Benefit Committee
Joe Kroboth-Chair
Allen Baldwin
Jerry Daniels
Jim Watson

Long Range Planning/Business Plan
David Lewis-Chair
Joe Kroboth III-Co-Chair
Allen Baldwin
Candice McDonald
Gene Worthington
Steve Austin
Greg Yost

Recruitment and Retention
Tony Coreia -Chair
David Bullard
Candice McDonald
Nicole Stotlemyer
Entire Membership

Steve Flickinger-Chair
Steve Heefner-Co-Chair
Hoby Howell-Co-Chair
Bob Romig
Mike Cox
Donna Welsh

Joe Bukowski Award
Steve Flickinger-Chair
Steve Heefner Co-Chair
Steve Austin

Public Relations
Bob Romig-Chair
David Lewis-Co-Chair

Jerry Daniels-Chair
Gene Worthington-Co-Chair

Gerald Holtry- Chair
Rich Brunner

Constitution & ByLaws
David Lewis -Chair
Bob Cumberland- Co-Chair
Ray Mowen
James Watson

Family & Member Activities
Julie Baldwin
Kathy Kroboth
Mike Cox
Candice McDonald

Hoby Howell- Chair
Rich Brunner-Co-Chair

Training Weekend(s)
Doug DeHaven- Chair
Greg Yost-Co-Chair
Jeff Ringer
David Lewis

Booth and Show Support Coordination
Jim Kimble Sr.
Jim Kimble Jr.

Steve Austin-Chair
Greg Yost-Co-Chair
David Lewis

Steve Sweitzer -Co-Chair

Emergency Respondersafety Institute
Steve Austin-Chair
Bob Cumberland-Co-Chair Public Outreach Program
Jack Sullivan-Co-Chair Training
Greg Yost-Co-Chair Distracted Driving Programs
Jim Kimble CFO
Jerry Daniels COA
Joe Kroboth III
Steve Heefner
Todd Leiss
Rod Ammon-Technical Advisor