Committees 2023-2024

CVVFA Standing and Special Committees


Director of Administration – Director Donna Welsh
Awards Committee – Chair Hoby Howell
E. Wade Thomas Member of the Year
Past President Joseph Bukowski Responder Safety Award
Chief Gary “Happy Jack” Easton Youth Leadership Award
Fallen Fire & Emergency Services Provider Benefit Fund – Chair Joseph Kroboth

Director of Planning – Director Allen Baldwin
Long Range Business Planning – Chair 2nd VP Terry Jester
Constitution & Bylaws Committee – Chair Bob Cumberland
Meeting and Event Planning Committee – Chair Joseph Chornock
Convention Committee
Resolutions Committee
Annual Program Book Committee
Nominating Committee – Chair Candice McDonald

Director of Communications – Director Steve Austin
Archives Committee – Chair Bob Cumberland
Publicity Committee – Chair Shelby Dehaven

Community Outreach
Director of Community Outreach – Director Candice McDonald
Community Outreach & Public Education Committee – Chair Doug Dehaven
Reputation Management Committee – Chair Candice McDonald
Family and Member Activities Committee – Chair Candice McDonald

Director of Operations – Director Joseph Kroboth
Emergency Responder Safety Institute Committee – Chair Joseph Kroboth
ERSI Director of Training
ERSI Accreditation Manager
ERSI Production Manager
ERSI Booth and Show Support
Distracted Driving Education

Director of Finance – Director Bill Mortimer
Budget and Finance Committee – Chair Gene Worthington
Audit Committee – Chair Dick Devore

Legislative Affairs
Director of Legislative Affairs – Director Bob Cumberland
Legislative Committee – Chair Bob Cumberland
Presidents Council – Chair Steve Austin